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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2017 9:24 am 
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hi! i'm new to the board so hello to everyone. i'm also pretty new to scooters. i've ridden them several times in the past, but finally purchased my first one ever.

i want to make sure i abide by the parking rules, both written and unwritten, to make sure we're welcome on the road (and parking spaces).

1) if i find a parking spot and it can fit a car, but by taking that spot, i basically divide it by half so that a full size car can no longer take it, is this acceptable? a woman yelled at me for doing this yesterday and i told her i was sorry and left and found another smaller spot (no car could fit into).

2) the instructions of the vespa say to back your scooter into a spot, and have the rear wheel touch the curb. this isn't possible with the vespa with the center stand though. is that just a guide?

3) having a lock chain. this means i have to park it next to a sign/pole right? is it legal to attack the chain rear tire to sign?

4) not really a question, but my friends told me that their scooters get pushed down all the time. is this common for you? any ways for prevention?

thanks again!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:47 am 
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Hope you've got this figured out by now, but why not see if we can get some posts going.

1) You're entitled to park in a spot larger than you need, but it's not what I'd be looking for in a parking spot. My goal is to be where no one will park in front of me by backing in because most knockovers occur backing up. Usually I'll take a spot between the crosswalk and the first car, or adjacent to a no parking zone. If you need to use it though, I wouldn't shed a tear. Do car drivers worry about leaving room for a scooter when they park?

2) I don't worry about the wheel of my scooter touching the curb, and I've never heard of anyone getting a ticket for this, which is the only reason it would matter. That said, I would not leave a large gap that could attract attention since scooters seem to get an extra look when it comes to tickets.

3) It's not a good idea to chain your scooter under most circumstances. It's pretty inconvenient compared to hopping on and going, plus you could do some serious damage if you ever forget it's locked. Vespas are not major theft targets and if they were, your chain wouldn't stop the thieves. Just ask anyone who owns a bicycle.

4) If you park your scooter on the street it will eventually get beat up. Even with careful parking, someone will eventually bump it over. If you put a cover on it, wind can knock it down. If you don't, people will play with it. If you're concerned about this, they make kits call chrome or crashbars that will keep your scooter body from getting messed up. Also worth mentioning is that almost any body work would total the scooter, so the most popular option is to touch up as best you can and slap a sticker over the damage. This also decreases your frustration the next time it happens, and allows for the use of riskier parking spots.

If you read this, let us know how its going so far!


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